The Institut d’Estudis Empordanesos publishes a book on Alexandre Deulofeu.

New releases: A book on Alexandre Deulofeu.

The Institut d’Estudis Empordanesos publishes a book on Alexandre Deulofeu.

It is a homage to this chemist, ex-mayor at Figueres, and intellectual in the centennial of his birth.

Alexandre Deulofeu. Llibre IEE.

Alexandre Deulofeu was born at Armentera on 20th September 1903, where his father was a chemist. At three years of age he went to live at Sant Pere Pescador, and nine years later he moved to Figueres. He studied grammar school at the Institut Ramon Muntaner and at Barcelona, while he studied Pharmacy and Chemistry in Madrid. He finished this last one in Barcelona. Back in Figueres he won a chair in a competitive examination and started teaching in the Institut at Figueres. He starts then a phase of an intensive political activity, first as a leader of the Joventut Nacionalista Republicana of Empordà, and later as town councillor on behalf of ERC. He ended as chance mayor of Figueres when the war broke out. He was a faithful defender of democratic and Catalanist ideals, and on 5th February 1939 he crossed the border on his way to exile. He returned to Figueres on 22nd January 1947 and he devoted himself to the pharmacy, while he carried on an intensive creative activity and spreading his work.

The book contains the following essays on Deulofeu:

«Alexandre Deulofeu: un viatge, discret i amable al voltant del seu pensar».

Alexandre Deulofeu: a voyage, tactful and amiable, around his thought»).

Juli Gutièrrez Deulofeu.

«I. Annex. L’Argentina i Deulofeu».

1st. Annex. Argentina and Deulofeu»).

Ethel Genta de Leonard.

«II. Annex. Homenaje a un espíritu poco común».

2nd. Annex. Homage to an uncommon spirit»).

Horacio Lorenzo Castro.

«III. Annex. Alexandre Deulofeu y Las Palmas de la Gloria».

3rd. Annex. Alexandre Deulofeu and The Palms of Glory»).

Abelardo F. Gabancho.

«Dues visions de Deulofeu».

Two visions of Deulofeu»).

A. Bladé i Desumvila.

«Cinc pinzellades sobre un heterodox irrepetible».

Five brushstrokes on an unrepeatable heterodox»).

Patricia Gabancho.

«Alexandre Deulofeu o el desmesurat optimisme».

Alexandre Deulofeu, or boundless optimism»).

Eduard Puig i Vayreda.

«‘El bressol de l’art romànic’ d’Alexandre Deulofeu, avui».

‘The cradle of Romanesque art’ by Alexandre Deulofeu, in today’s viewpoint»).

Joan Badia-Homs.

«Alexandre Deulofeu, un profeta inconegut».

Alexandre Deulofeu, a misknown prophet»).

Frederic Ribas.

«Alexandre Deulofeu, historiador».

Alexandre Deulofeu, the historian»).

Enric Pujol.

«La matemàtica de la història».

The mathematics of history»).

Josep Badia i Moret.

It also contains a collection of the works published by Alexandre Deulofeu.

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