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The time of the Catalans. Table of cultures. Chart of the empires.

1. The time of the Catalans.
2. Table of cultures.
3. Chart of the empires.

1. The time of the Catalans.

El Punt Avui+. Sunday, 6th August 2017. Page 4.

Opinion. Standpoint. Tribune.

«Historian Juli Gutièrrez Deulofeu, who is carrying on the Mathematics of History by his grandfather Alexandre Deulofeu, in his work and lectures says that Catalans are in the habit of submitting exclusively economic reasons to justify our freedom as a nation, when the most important reasons are cultural, meaning that culture is all sorts of creation, not only in the arts, but also in philosophy and science (…)».


2. Table of cultures.

«Chronology of the three cycles followed by all cultures. Source: Alexandre Deulofeu. La pau al món per la matemàtica de la història (World peace through the mathematics of history). Catalan edition 1970, by Pòrtic. Translation: Loto Perrella».


3. Chart of the empires.

«I have demonstrated that the Persian Empire and the Roman Empire obey exactly the mathematical law which rules the evolution of empires (…)».


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