About the life and works of Alexandre Deulofeu.

About the life and works of Alexandre Deulofeu.

Pepe Beunza.

After a long time thinking about it, it was only the kind persistence of Brauli Tamarit which made me decide to try and write these comments. On the other hand, it is also true that the thought-provoking theories of Alexandre Deulofeu on the cyclical evolution of empires and civilizations, and, above all, his generous, committed and commendable life, push us to make known such a complete character.

My knowledge of history is very limited as far as carrying on this task properly is concerned, but the idea has appealed to me. Most historians explain what they believe that happened and their point of view of the causes. Alexandre Deulofeu, on the contrary, explains in a mathematical way, how the future will be, not in a determinist way, but explaining the process, so that we may take part and avoid the destructive consequences which we already suffered in the past.

Alexandre Deulofeu explains that, throughout history, empires have had a life span of about five to six centuries, and the unavoidable transition from one empire to the other has taken place by means of wars, death and destruction. However, through our intelligence, we can make the transition to the next empire to be peaceful and democratic. To foresee the disintegration or breakdown of a powerful country, —as he predicted for the Soviet Union—, may help to save many lives and avoid many disasters.

Up to now these theories could be considered more or less interesting, but after the atomic bomb, if these changes do not happen in a sensible way, as humankind we might become extinct. The accumulation of atomic, chemical and biological armaments compels us to be extremely careful in the social changes, because, as experts like to explain, the danger of a nuclear holocaust grows day by day.

But theories are just that, theories, and libraries are full of books which explain how we can improve. For thousands of years we have heard the explanation of this principle of wisdom, far-sighted and intelligent but not put into practice, which says «don’t do to others what you don’t want to be done to you». Practice and life make us human, not theories, and in this respect Alexandre Deulofeu is a great master.

Not everybody is compelled by circumstances to choose between being a hero or a culprit, but when this becomes your lot, then the true worth of a person can be seen. It fell to Alexandre Deulofeu to be interim mayor of the town of Figueres, he who was a republican, during the seditious coup d’état of criminal Franco. He used his position to save lives threatened because they were right-wing. No theory can justify a massacre, and justice and vengeance are contradictory. He risked his life to save those of others, and here we can see his high moral stature.

Who saves a life saves mankind, says the proverb. Alexandre Deulofeu not only explained the origin of Romanesque art in Catalonia and the future we can expect, but besides he gave a great living example. For this reason it is so necessary to make him known.

Kind regards,

Pepe Beúnza. Conscientious objector in 1971.

Caldes de Montbui, on Wednesday 29th July 2009.