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World goal.

World goal.

El Punt Avui+. Logo.El Punt Avui+, Sunday, October 15, 2017. Opinion. Tribune.

World goal.

Brauli Tamarit Tamarit.
The Mathematics of History Team.
Translation: Loto Perrella.

«If the reality of history shows us something, over and over again, that is that the political structures are changing».

Nehru and Gandhi, the creators of the independence of India.What would you think if, all the border changes to appear in the world were done willingly and peacefully, by the peoples taking part in those changes, and under the umbrella of a joint structure to cover all the nations?

Lluís Maria Xirinacs reminded us, in an article published on the «Avui» newspaper, under the title «Boomerang» that on 23rd August 1978, in the Constitutional Commission of the Senate, was approved article 10 of the Spanish Constitution, where in the second comma are included the international treaties on Human Rights. Xirinacs explains that the UCD gave its consent to the right of the peoples to their free determination, acknowledged under the first article of the International Agreement on economic, social and cultural rights, and the International Agreement on civil and political rights, approved in New York on 16th December 1966.

These fundamental rights have been the result of the action of goodwill people, among them many women, who saw how men were killed in the First World War, but also the result of the reaction sparked off during the Second World War against the imperialisms which aspired to world domination. A universal domination which, as Alexandre Deulofeu shows us, is an impossible way to attain world unity. The breaking-up of the U.S.S.R. was relatively peaceful and did not end in a nuclear holocaust, among other reasons because the USA politicians already had the knowledge contributed in «The Mathematics of History» by this scholar from Ampurdà. On the other hand, the European Union itself is the first great attempt of a continental confederation in order to eradicate wars inside the Union itself.

There is something that the reality of history shows again and again, and Deulofeu is a great example thereof, and this is that the political structures are fickle. On a slow rhythm, in some areas power suffers fragmentation, while in others it comes together. There is no eternal empire, similarly no civilization is eternal. Many of the changes have come into being through wars, and starting in the XX century, through the action of talents such as Gandhi, we have started to see non-violent changes. Because of this, Deulofeu, in the last chapter of his first book «Catalunya i l’Europa Futura (Catalonia and future Europe»), says that in order to attain the consummation of the political planetary process and to attain peace, every nation, such as the Catalan one, must have her own state, and the states of each nation must unite in a confederation within their own continent, and all the continental confederations must in turn unite in order to finally attain a World Confederation.

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