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The time of the Catalans

El Punt Avui+. Logo.El Punt Avui+. Sunday, 6th August 2017. Page 4.

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The time of the Catalans.

Brauli Tamarit Tamarit. The Mathematics of History Team.

«The culture created by our forerunners has suffered and still suffers a strong persecution by censure».

Monastery of Sant Pere de Roda.Historian Juli Gutièrrez Deulofeu, who is carrying on the Mathematics of History by his grandfather Alexandre Deulofeu, in his work and lectures says that Catalans are in the habit of submitting exclusively economic reasons to justify our freedom as a nation, when the most important reasons are cultural, meaning that culture is all sorts of creation, not only in the arts, but also in philosophy and science.

According to Alexandre Deulofeu, the peoples of the world live under civilizations or cultures which succeed each other, with a maximum life span of about 5,100 years, split in three cycles of about 1,700 years. The first cycle repeats the basic features of the previous culture. The second cycle is that of fulfilment and shows its real personality. The third cycle repeats the basic traits of the two previous ones. Each cycle is divided in a first creative phase of demographic fragmentation of about 650 years, and a second phase of great unification of about 1,050 years when great empires emerge. Among others, the Sumerian, the Egyptian and the Greek cultures are examples of what he describes.

Sant Pere de Roda, epicenter of Romanesque culture.Deulofeu demonstrates that the areas of Empordà and Rosselló, and, by extension, Catalonia, about the year 800 are the cradle of the second cycle of the European Western civilization. It is a fact that, according to journalist David de Montserrat, should deserve a documentary to continue Alexandre Deulofeu, l’historiador del futur (Alexandre Deulofeu, the historian of future). The first culture starts being Christian, and creates, with its virtues and its shortcomings, the ideological foundations of Western Europe, spreading through the other continents thanks to the drive of European discoverers and colonizers, many of which were Catalan.

The average approximate life of empires is about 550 years. Even if some empires have not lasted as long as the Spanish empire up to now, the western European or Catalan civilization still has about 500 years of the second cycle, and 1,700 of the third cycle.

Today, 6th August, it is 85 years that Lluís Maria Xirinacs was born, and it is 10 years from his sublime Acte de Sobirania (Sovereignty Act). He was a specialist on human learning and the creator of an extended work, among which El Model Global de la Realitat (The Global Model of Reality) –Globàlium–, must be pointed out. Today is also a good gift, that which signifies and contributes the growing solidity by the team of researcher Jordi Bilbeny, who demonstrates in a detective-like manner that the culture initially created by our forefathers has suffered and still suffers a strong work of censure carried out by the empires which have dominated it. It points out that it is necessary to promote a careful and persistent job of recovery of the true origin of its realizations, to be extended to that of researchers of other persecuted cultures, such as the Maya or the Indian cultures, which would allow humanity to discover the truth hidden under the carpet of history.

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